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When Jo witnesses the gruesome murder of her parents, she becomes a key witness against a notorious crime boss. She is placed into the Witness Protection Program and is relocated thousands of miles away from her big inner city home to the rural countryside of Montana. Now she has a new name, a new look and a new “family.” Jo slowly begins to make new friends and build a new life when her past comes catching up to her and the fight of her life has begun.


“Hiding” is the kind of movie that used to be done for laughs in the 1980s. A streetwise girl from NYC is sent across country to hide out from some thug. This is the kind of shit that used to make Jon Cryer a well-paid nerd during those periods where he couldn’t count on John Hughes or Superman IV checks. “Hiding” tries to go super serious while copping a “Mean Girls” vibe. However, I constantly feel as though the main chick is about a minute away from putting her rivals through a wall.

Director Thomas Wright and the cast keep this movie from being a total wash. However, it’s not like I can pretend that there’s anything good about what’s happening here. While the past is dotted with movies that are just good enough to get released, I feel that we should be asking for more. However, it’s still better than any Taylor Lautner movie that’s targeting the same teen audience. But, doesn’t that mean that the same teens won’t click with this?

The Blu-Ray comes with featurettes, a deleted scene and a music video. The Dolby TrueHD 5.1 track has a strong mix, but few moments to really shine. The transfer is workable, but it sports a rather soft focus for 1080p. That being said, it won’t push away the target audience. In the end, I’d only recommend a rental to the curious.



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