The Heritage Collection – Bringing History to Life this Holiday Season

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Millennium Entertainment is proud to announce the release of The Heritage Collection, available at select retailers on October 31, 2014. Created to provide a powerful and interactive customer experience, each gift set in a combination of multi-media content, historical archives, and books exploring a wide variety of topics.  The content in each gift set has been meticulously selected by the collection’s curator to provide a one-of-a-kind customer experience.   The Heritage Collection was made possible through the collaboration of PBS Distribution, Smithsonian Networks, The National Archives (London), NARA (Washington DC), Go Entertainment Group, and Millennium Entertainment.  Each limited edition gift set will be available while supplies last.

Teddy Roosevelt: The Heritage Collection (DVD, CD Historical Archives & Booklet Collection)
Explorer, admiral, Rough Rider, war hero, and President: Theodore Roosevelt was a man of enormous popularity and legendary achievements. Celebrate his life through film, music, and memorabilia with this meaningful and historically accurate Heritage Collection Box Set. See the man through the Emmy Nominated film, The Indomitable Teddy Roosevelt. Hear the music of the era through John Philip Sousa on CD. Touch, feel and read the painstakingly collected historical archives and booklet collection to complete your experience.

American Railroads: Heritage Collection (2 DVDs & Historic Archives)
Experience the History of the Railways in this beautiful Heritage Collection Box Set. The first DVD takes you on a tour of America in both beautiful steam and powerful diesel trains. Next, tour the world! From China to Cuba, this DVD will take you to the world’s most famous railways. Your adventure continues with the carefully curated historical archives and booklet allowing you to connect to the railroads in a fully tactile experience.

Smithsonian: Air & Space Collection (2 DVDs & Historic Archives)
Take to the skies with this this stunning 2 DVD & Historic Archives Box Set from the National Air and Space Museum. Enjoy over four hours of documentary programming, including footage from the Wright Brothers, Charles Lindbergh and Amelia Earhart, through to supersonic jets and NASA’s space program. Deepen your experience by sorting through and absorbing the wonderfully researched Historical Archives including rare images, letters, technical drawings, and the History of Flight Booklet.

WWI THE GREAT WAR: Heritage Collection (2 DVDs, Book & Historical Archives)
In commemoration of the 100th anniversary of the First World War, the Heritage Collection brings you this premium box set. It includes two expertly produced DVD documentaries that present real stories behind The Great War.  Also enjoy an accompanying hardcover book packed with information and carefully selected photographs. Complete your exploration with enclosed rare recreations of historical archives from the front lines of combat.

WWII: The Heritage Collection (3 DVDs, Booklet & Historical Archives)
The Heritage Collection brings you the crucial moments of the greatest conflict the world has ever seen. With the use of extensive and rare archival footage, watch the story unfold for over 10 hours on 3 DVDs. From the Battle of Britain, the attack on Pearl Harbour, to the conflict in the Pacific, experience the history of WWII.  Also Included in this collection you will find replica archives, beautifully recreated from original materials at The National Archives.

Smithsonian: Mysteries Of The Titanic When RMS Titanic set sail, she was hailed as “unsinkable.” But just four days into her maiden voyage, she had sunk. This painstakingly researched collection provides a deeper understanding of how and why RMS Titanic sank on that tragic night over 100 years ago. Watch as recent findings are unveiled on 2 DVDs and hold history in your hands with this collection of authentic RMS Titanic archives, accompanied by a fully illustrated booklet

Animal Planet: Wild Deep: The Heritage Collection Join us on an amazing journey of discovery as we explore the hidden worlds lying deep beneath our planet’s seas and oceans. In this landmark double-DVD series, renowned diver and award-winning underwater photographer, Darek Sepiolo, captures some of the most unique and beautiful aquatic life ever recorded on film. In addition to exploring the seven continents, you will enjoy the companion hard cover book that features the majesty and beauty of sea-going creatures. Wild Deep offers a privileged view of a world that few will ever see face-to-face.


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