HELL OF THE LIVING DEAD / RATS: NIGHT OF TERROR (now with high res Blu-Ray screen captures)

HELL OF THE LIVING DEAD / RATS: NIGHT OF TERROR (now with high res Blu-Ray screen captures) 17




Includes two jaw dropping Italian shockers now available as a Double Feature bluray: Hell of the Living Dead and Rats Night of Terror.




“Hell of the Living Dead” and “Rats: Night of Terror” both serve as zombie laced metaphors for greater world issues. “Hell of the Living Dead” tackles hunger in the third world. While, “Rats: Night of Terror” tackles how post apocalyptic biker types handle a squadron of rats. Both are trying examinations of how the undead and ravaged animals can torture our sense of normalcy. They are also Italian horror movies that relish in shooting cheap gore in semi-exotic locales. The attempts at making the narrative work in English is amazing, but Mattei was one of those Italian scare masters that liked opening up to the English speaking audience. No artsy Argento or Grand Design Bava types over here.


Mattei uses the music of Goblin and a dark sense of humor to make both films work. Stock footage abounds, plus everything looks like either found environments or recycled bits of better movies. I get that’s a part of the Italian horror scene of this era, but “Rats: Night of Terror” really pushed the tolerance levels. That being said, I love how the rats in the second movie are so indifferent to the existence of these Dystopian punks. They eat and attack, just because they want food. Most of the cast plays like an ancestor to the crew from “Return of the Living Dead”. Nobody has a real personality outside of a broad foreign take on what a Punk would look like in a Mad Max world. Creature features are hard, but it doesn’t seem like Mattei had that solid of a grip on zombies either.


The Blu-Ray comes with interviews, trailers and photo/still galleries as the special features. The A/V Quality is period appropriate for the material. The DTS-HD 1.0 master audio track keeps the original audio channel alive without overmixing it. Plus, you get a rather impressive 1080p transfer. In the end, I’d recommend a purchase to fans of True Zombie Horror.

RELEASE DATE: 08/26/2014



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