Director: Randall Wallace
Writers: Randall Wallace and Christopher Parker
Cast: Greg Kinnear, Kelly Reilly, Margo Martindale and Thomas Haden Church
Studio: TriStar/SONY

“Heaven is for Real” is a movie about the never-ending ability of the Evangelical right to let something go. Most of the film is built upon the troublesome nature of outsiders, as they try to end the media circus surround the film. But, the young child that saw Heaven will not let it go. There is evidence in real life and in the film that the kid was being coached. But, it doesn’t matter because…umm…..JESUS?!?

There’s something about organized religions and zealotry in the modern age. As Science and progress keeps marching forward, we find the religious growing more insular and trying to find new ways to stop progress for the greater good. The childish notion to hold onto the idea of a celestial parental figure highlights a state of arrested development. Recently, a number of polls have revealed that the general population doesn’t trust Atheists. Well, we don’t trust you. If anything, the idea that you guys are so desperate for a Rapture or some kind of Apocalypse is enough of a push to keep you guys from doing anything more than holding a pair of safety scissors.

Using kids to push a spiritual agenda laced with bullshit is eight shades of awful. Fanaticism is bred young and it is allowed to grow when no one steps up to call attention. The actual doctors that worked on young Colton have stated that he never died at any point. All recollections and accounts from the child showcase that he was coached via mass exposure and sequences of pictures from his family home. Plus, his story doesn’t quite connect with the basic tenets of his Christian belief. But, this movie will do well in the face of all criticisms. Why? Well, we’re living in a time of a cultural jump and some people are scared to take that jump with the others. This is a filmed testament to digging in your heels and shouting that you can’t hear anyone.


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