Between the world we see, and the things we fear… there are doors. When they are opened… nightmares becomes reality. These are the true stories of the innocent and the unimaginable.

These chilling tales of the supernatural take you inside real-life horror stories, with each one-hour episode featuring eyewitness accounts and cinematic re-enactments of some of the most spine tingling and inexplicable stories ever recorded. You’ll meet Chris Gibbons, a Michigan attorney driven to the point of insanity by a ghost that has infiltrated his dreams; a stay-at-home-mom who enjoys taking walks with her children through her historic neighborhood, until something dark and sinister follows them home; and Victoria Dane, whose near death experience opens a door to a paranormal world that can never be shut.

Episode by shocking episode, you will be stunned and astonished by these spellbinding tales of evil lurking in the most everyday places. By the end of each amazing story, you will experience an eerie feeling that life and death are stranger and more terrifying than you had ever imagined.


While the episodes are somewhat formulaic in nature – family (or sometimes family member) moves into a new house and begins experiencing unexplained phenomena, which eventually turns menacing; experts are called in to help dispel the evil entity, meeting with mixed results – the storytelling is excellent. You know going in that the point of this show is to scare you, and still it manages to do so every time. All elements of the production work together toward that goal – story, acting, cinematography, effects, narration, background music – all work together to keep the viewer riveted to the screen.

There are some good points about the series, though. Some of the cast is surprisingly good, the directing, whilst being standard, is decent and the idea that drives the show is fascinating. One episode called ‘Hungry Ghosts’ stood out as a good episode from season two because it was free from Christian dogma and the usual clichés staging of events that dominate the series. These good points do not save the show, however, as it has no real scientific analysis and half the episode seem like an evangelical program.

The DVD comes with no special features. The A/V Quality is strong with a supportive transfer and a Dolby audio track. The Dolby track doesn’t get much back channel action outside of the few major suspense scenes. In the end, I’d recommend a rental.



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