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“Hating Obama” wants to take a serious look at the hate and derision thrown at the President and his family. By splicing together interviews and serious look at his presidency, we get something that needed to be said. You can approve of Obama as a person and still feel that his policies are flawed. There are few on here that take it a little too far, but the approach remains pretty level-headed.

So much of the documentary feels like an attempt to pander to Centrists. While I appreciate not hearing right wing propaganda on the material, it’s still an apology piece towards the end of his Presidency. It would be like if nerds came back to “Age of Ultron” in a few years and tried to say it was a well balanced movie. There is opinion throughout, but at least it’s civil. I hate that civility in American political discussion is a precious treasure now.

The DVD comes with extended interviews as the special features. The A/V Quality is quite typical for releases like this. The transfer is flat and the Dolby track keeps everything upfront. But, what did you expect? If you were savoring at the title of this documentary, then head to Wal-Mart, Amazon or wherever better propaganda is sold.

Release Date: 05/05/15

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