“Harper” is a neo-noir, but one that time has made seem tame when compared to what came after it. That being said, this is Paul Newman playing at his coolest. Working from a William Goldman script, Paul Newman tears through 1966 Los Angeles. It was a town on the verge of the Hippie takeover, as the older vanguard was dying off. His wife is about to leave him, but he just can’t let this cherry of a case disappear. A local WASPy woman hires him to find her man that she suspects is screwing around with a drunk actress.

From there, it delves into a fetching young Julie Harris as a smack-addled singer and Robert Wagner playing a tough gigolo who might have the answers. While watching the film, I was taken aback by something. It hit theaters in that sweet spot where it wouldn’t be overshadowed by things like Point Blank or Easy Rider. But, it was daring enough to stand out as something new. When a cultural era shifts, it is something to behold. I’m just glad that we have film artifacts like this that survived the changeover.


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The Plot Thus Far

Lew Harper, a cool private investigator, is hired by a wealthy California matron to locate her kidnapped husband.

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