“Hardcore Henry” is the closest video game experience ever captured onscreen. By playing with the first person perspective and amping up the violence, the film hits that special part of the brain. But, you needed things like forced exposition and the never-ending line of helping Jimmy clones to make it all work. If you can look past traditional narrative structure, you’re going to have an immense experience. Otherwise, you’re going to fall into the trap that I saw a lot of reviewer dive into during the Spring. Who would’ve thought something like this would be so divisive?

But, that’s a good thing. American audiences need movies like “Hardcore Henry” to challenge what we accept in action and popcorn cinema. There was a time when all genres were free to experiment with tech and alter how audiences interacted with film. It feels like we’ve spent the last thirty years trying to hold to a stagnant pattern that doesn’t really push enjoyment. Give it a few years and I fully expect a micro wave of movies trying to ape what’s happening here. I’m already seeing it pop up in music videos and commercials.

I applaud the filmmakers for keeping the film short, but I wonder if anything was left by cutting down on the flashbacks. Oh well, you learn to let go of those things if you follow any gaming style narrative. We still don’t know what the real name of the Driver from GTA 3 was and I don’t buy that Fido nickname junk. Pick this one up, people.


  • Deleted Scenes
  • Fan Chat
  • Commentaries


  • 1.85:1 1080p transfer
  • DTS-HD 5.1 master audio track


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