Hardbodies (1984): VHS Classics

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Hardbodies follows three middle aged guys using a local guy to teach them how to party. Thirty years later and that film becomes an entirely different affair. But, the Summer of 1984 turns this outing into a fun romp about how old men can buy and sell young people for kicks. The movie was originally made for The Playboy Channel, but Hef must’ve decided that this film could compete with Temple of Doom. Hindsight makes everything look funny.

The Mill Creek VHS Classics continues their strong packaging game. However, I think this is the fourth or fifth time that Mill Creek has released this film in 3 years. Diversify your holdings, people. Other movies in the 1980s exist. I don’t hear anyone clamoring for this movie on the YouTube or other youthful platforms. Will 2019 be the year that the kids rediscover this movie? Honestly, I don’t see that happening in an age where 18 year olds and Tipper Gore share the same values.

Hardbodies VHS Classics version is available January 15th everywhere from Mill Creek!



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