Happy Birthday to Me (VHS Classics)

Happy Birthday to Me (VHS Classics) 1

Happy Birthday to Me always entertained me. But, the film felt trite even at the dawn of the American Slasher movies. Some will bitch and moan that people are passing over a female led horror movie. While one would expect the Ginny reveal to play better, it just undercuts having a female killer. The Scooby Doo twist was aging poorly by 1990 much less now. So, what’s the big takeaway?

I’d love to see a solid attempt at reworking the movie. But, I’m not a big fan of where modern trends want to push these kinds of stories. It’s a weird inverse of what used to happen back in the day. In the early 80s, the kills got in the way of the message. Now, the message is the entire movie with no creative kills. Horror is a strange beast.

Happy Birthday to Me is available January 15th from Mill Creek!

Happy Birthday to Me

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