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When a gambler named Jack is down on his luck, he makes a deal with a slick-talking, wealthy man in Las Vegas to make some quick money in order to repay his debts. When the deal turns deadly, Jack must learn to play smarter in order to get ahead of the game.


“Gutshot Straight” is like “Rounders” for people that watch Spike TV. While some might expect a Seagal movie, Seagal is willing to forgo the lead for George Eads. I found this to be gracious of the Seagal, as his ass kicking skills would’ve helped the film’s troubled opening act. But, the film regains a sense of composure and moves forward. Vinnie Jones and Stephen Lang show up to help the film’s masculinity overpower the females that might have accidentally picked up this movie. Just like that, I’ve gone all Realm of Kings for a moment.

Steven Seagal is starting to put it back together as he’s found a role that suits his later years. You can’t be an action star forever, but you can become an action movie character actor in the vein of Charles Bronson or Stephen Lang. Seagal is now a type and he knows that what some might find comical can be turned into screen gold. Stephen Lang shows up in the film to show how it can be done, but if you already have one person doing it, is there room for another? Such things keep me up at night.

The DVD comes with commentary, deleted scenes, featurette and a trailer gallery as the special features. The A/V Quality is pretty strong for an indie action release. The transfer sports minimal digital noise. But, that Dolby 5.1 track remembers that this is a Seagal movie and delivers. In the end, it’s well worth a purchase for fans.

RELEASE DATE: 12/02/2014

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