“Gun Crazy” is one of those films that I keep expecting feminist critics to tackle, but they always abandon. I guess it’s because there are no clicks in tackling cinema before 1980. Well, that’s why I’m here. Gun Crazy has aged into this dated slice of late Film Noir that dares to lay the bomb for criminal actions at the feet of women. It’s not like there’s a historical or fictional starting point for such an action (cough The Iliad cough). But, what’s the deal with this movie?

The film establishes our lead character Bart Tare as a troubled kid. He spent most of his early years in and out of trouble until he’s released as a barely employable adult in his 20s. Now, the guy is trying to impress an equally crazy girl while they get out from under the thumb of their boss. Each one feeds off the other’s love for gun violence until it can’t support them. Naturally, this is where the Law intercedes to break up the lovebirds.

Given the nature of the time, both parties are forced to concede to legal justice. That means the film ends on them dying moments apart. For a film that wanted to be sexually charged, it so quickly bowed to the morals of the day. Is it dated? Sure. Is it important? Well, I find it to be a lynchpin in discussing how cinematic violence defines the sexes. Check it out for yourself.


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