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Gritty Italian Crime Saga Suburra Hits Blu-ray This September

Fans of visceral contemporary crime dramas are in for a treat when Suburra slashes its way to home release later this month.

On September 26, Unearthed Films unveils this acclaimed Italian thriller on limited edition Blu-ray and DVD. Based on shocking real-life political scandals, Suburra depicts a violent underworld rarely glimpsed on screen.

Mobsters, Politicians and Crooked Cops

Suburra chronicles the massive corruption and backstabbing surrounding plans to turn an idyllic seaside town into a gambling mecca. With politicians, gangsters and lawmen all vying for power, things spiral into bloody chaos.

At the center is MP Filippo Malgradi, who gets tied up in the suspicious death of a sex worker. As various players ruthlessly jockey for position, no one’s survival is assured in this high-stakes game of greed.

Gritty Italian Crime Saga Suburra Hits Blu-ray This September 1

Authentic Neo-Noir Crime Saga

With its neon-lit streets and amoral characters, Suburra evokes modern favorites like Gomorrah and Sicario: Day of the Soldado. Director Stefano Sollima infuses the film with grimy atmosphere and dread.

The cast including Pierfrancesco Favino (Angels and Demons) and Claudio Amendola (The Traitor) deliver raw, intense performances. While violent and cynical, Suburra provides an eye-opening look at organized crime’s insidious reach.

Limited Edition Features Documentary and More

Along with the acclaimed feature, this home release includes illuminating special features for fans. The two-hour making-of documentary takes viewers behind the scenes of capturing this lurid world.

With the film housed in a slick slipcase, the limited edition Blu-ray is the definitive way to experience Suburra’s descent into corruption and bloodshed.

A Benchmark of Modern Italian Noir

Hailed as an authentic benchmark of contemporary Italian crime films, Suburra hits home release on September 26 ready to be discovered by new audiences.

With its unflinching action and intriguing power dynamics, Suburra is not to be missed.

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