Director: Leon Ford

Writer: Leon Ford

Cast: Ryan Kwanten, Maeve Dermody and Marshall Napier

Studio: Indomina

Office peon Griff (Ryan Kwanten) is mocked by his co-workers, yet at night, his superhero alter ego takes to the air, defending Melbourne against menaces to society. Griff trusts no one with his secret — that is, until he meets brilliant scientist Melody (Maeve Dermody). Beautiful, strange and a true believer, Melody is one kindred spirit in a million. “Griff the Invisible” appeals to the strange nature in all of us that we all keep bottled up inside, hidden from the outside world. The two central characters are almost caricatures of what it is to be strange and different given their loose grip on reality, yet they still manage to be believable, which is a testament to the sharp and consistent writing and the amazing performances by Ryan Kwanten (Griff) and Maeve Dermody (Melody) to portray them.

Griff and his crew pop between the stark colors of the city and their attempts at bring a vibrant life back into the ordinary. While poking around the trappings of a romantic comedy, Leon Ford manages to lift the material into a special realm that rarely gets occupied by this kind of popular fiction. There are essentially three narratives running throughout the film too. The subplot involving the office and Griff’s sabotage of his bully is the least successful. It’s relatively implausible and too much time is spent on it for it to be left unresolved. The other two concerning Griff’s heroics and his involvement with Melody are tiptoed around slowly and lack an overall goal. Nonetheless, I was surprised and grateful of the film’s ability to subvert the tired conventions of the superhero genre.

This film is absolutely worth seeing and superior to the spate of would-be superhero movies making movie theater rounds the last few years. Ryan Kwanten, as Griff, quickly draws the audience to his side through his earnest belief in his cause and has them rooting for him and his mission. Maeve Dermody gives a sense of otherworldliness to the character of Melody; she is strange and adorable.






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