“Greaser’s Palace” was one of the first Robert Downey Sr movies that I ever saw. Honestly, I think it was the Scorpion Releasing DVD from 2010. Now, they’ve returned with the film remastered for Blu-ray. But, why did I come to this director so late? Well, the answer is in mass appeal. Most film students in America will know of Downey from film clips highlighting the history of Indie Cinema or in a Robert Downey Jr biography. It’s weird how an indie director seemingly became a footnote in American film history.

What does mean for “Greaser’s Palace”? Well, it’s a film about a zoot-suit wearing drifter getting to reenact the Passion in the Old West. Allan Arbus plays the right kind of weirdo for a Downey movie, as he wants to sing and dance. But, the song man also resurrects people from the dead and macks on the local ladies. While the film is called an Acid Western, it also seems like it was shot closely with Pound.

Pound got a release from United Artists, but this film lived and died on a million dollar investment from Broadway producer Cyma Rubin. I wish there were more weirdo money ladies like that, as I’d kill for a bizarre release like this every month. There’s never been a better presentation than this release and I hope you get to see it. The original release was June 5th and it seems that Amazon has it in stock. So, hit it up over there.


  • On-Camera Interview with Robert Downey
  • Liner Notes by Jonathan Demme


  • 1.85:1 1080p transfer
  • LPCM 2.0

RELEASE DATE: 6/5/18 or SOON or who knows?

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