“Grandma” is a rather fun indie comedy drama that not a ton of people got to see. Sporting a stellar performance from Lily Tomlin, she’s equally matched by a ton of comedians and character actors. But, Tomlin leads the film as the titular grandma that’s helping to raise money for her granddaughter’s abortion. The duo shares some talk about feminist independence, but we start to see the underpinning of Grandma’s life view. She’s a bit of a jerk and has ruined most of her life.

As the granddaughter learns that she needs to be independent, Grandma learns that it’s never to late to redeem herself. The plot is pretty thin, but so was “About a Boy”. Enjoy the acting and study what happens when amazing actors bounce off each other. The A/V Quality sports a rather strong 1080p transfer and DTS-HD 5.1 master audio track. The Blu-Ray comes with an exclusive featurette. You also get a commentary and featurette as the special features.

Release Date: 2/9/16

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