Gossip Girl’s Transcenders set to score Road Trip sequel

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Music production team Transcenders has signed on to score Road Trip II: Beer Pong. Transcenders, who currently write music for the CW hit Gossip Girl, will score Paramount Famous Productions’ sequel to the 2000 blockbuster Road Trip, set for release in fall 2009. With backgrounds as popular recording artists, they bring a fresh, innovative approach to composing music for film. Transcenders contributed one song to the original Road Trip soundtrack.



Transcenders (Mike Fratantuno, Brian Lapin and Terence Yoshiaki) were founding members of the Black Eyed Peas, earning a Grammy nomination in 2005 for the song Let’s Get It Started. Their songs can be heard on the soundtracks for Judd Apatow’s Superbad, Knocked Up, and 40 Year Old Virgin, and the upcoming I Love You, Beth Cooper, opening this summer. In addition, they have written and produced for artists such as Mozella , The Lovemakers and Tasha Taylor.

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