Good Boys [Blu-ray review]

Good Boys is the first film in a long time that felt like it had real kids. I don’t mean young actors who played their roles well. I mean that I bought every single actor as a punk or brat that could be doing this stuff in real life. All of the kid players functioned like they would in a modern school setting. Plus, you completely buy their dumb mistakes and how they misperceive the world around them. Even if that means not getting to enjoy your Lasagna and Orange Soda dinner.

Jacob Tremblay is one of my favorite kid actors. Having gone from playing Brie Larson’s playroom rape baby to Psychic Vampire vape material, the kid has range. It was somewhere around Wonder that I decided I like the kid’s work. Sure, he was good enough in Brie Larson’s award winning Lifetime original movie, but that’s where I bought him as the second coming of that early 80s kid movie lead type.

Good Boys 2

Some people will naturally be put off by kids in adult situations. However, it’s the sincere honesty of which these kids bump up against things above their pay grade that entertains me. But, it’s the earnest nature of how this trio of Good Boys approaches the mundane that just endears them to me. Will it be something that you remember by this time next year? Maybe not. But, it’s fun and that’s all I needed.

The Blu-ray comes with an alternate ending, deleted scenes, extended scenes, gag reel and a ton of modern age EPK flack as the special features. The A/V Quality is typical for a modern comedy. However, I found the DTS-HD 5.1 master audio track made the scene outside of the mall feel more robust than I expected. Ultimately, I’d recommend a purchase.

Good Boys is now available!

Good Boys outro

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