God Knows Where I Am

God Knows Where I Am 1

God Knows Where I Am is the kind of film that everyone should see. The natural state of humanity is to advocate for everyone’s mental health. After all, we’re all trapped on the same mudball and nobody’s getting out of here alive. So, we should try to make nice and share in the wealth that abounds. Naturally, that doesn’t happen as it isn’t in everyone’s true nature. But, does that excuse leaving a mentally ill woman alone for four months to die?

The story of Linda Bishop is what I consider to be true horror. Bishop’s last days were spent hiding in a farmhouse, while eating apples and drinking collected rainwater. Each day, she would beg God to save her from the demons in her mind. The system left her alone in a New Hampshire winter to try and make this work. Eventually, the food and  time ran out. I’m not familiar with the directing team behind this documentary, but this is a stunning work.

You will feel every moment of her terror, as Bishop’s perspective collapses into a state of fear. She knows that things won’t end well, but she keeps holding out hope. Things are just bound to get better if you try hard enough. Right? RIGHT?!?

God Knows Where I Am is available now. Yes, it’s that Lori Singer who produced the film.

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