God Bless The Broken Road

God Bless The Broken Road 1

God Bless The Broken Road is another religious exploitation movie. There seems like a creative wall would naturally exist limiting the output of these movies. Yet, here we are…again. Directed by the same guy who handled God’s Not Dead, God’s Pretty Alive and How About That Jesus?, this film mines another favorite of the genre. Taking the gist of a 20 year old song and making it about the religious white bread that keeps these movies going. The supporting cast is littered with the oddest assembly of ex San Diego Chargers and Mike Tyson spouses that I’ve ever seen.

Faith-based movies are getting so weird that it’s hard to take them on face value. What could be a tale about a woman moving on after the death of her soldier husband becomes a warped jaunt into 21st Century American identity politics. It’s not enough to have Faith, you have to find a similar community and grind it into every aspect of your life. The film was insanely well-shot with light control that could’ve been borrowed by Solo. Still, the more I watch it…the more I see something emerging.

There is an amazing book to be written about this wave of movies.

God Bless the Broken Road is now available

god bless the broken road

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