“Gifted” is a film that I saw nearly a month ago. The problem was that I never knew exactly when it was getting released. Hopefully, this quiet low budget drama hasn’t died an undignified death at the Cineplex by now. In regards to the movie, it’s a custody and trouble genius film rolled into one. While that might sound complex, it’s not really. Hell, a ton of the film felt ripe for satire.

What works is the performance from young Mckenna Grace. She sells a 7 year old discovering their natural intellect without being annoying or cute. Grace is a child with the mental keys to do whatever she wants. Unfortunately, all she wants to do is hang out with an older woman and live in mid-level squalor with her Uncle. When the child’s grandmother returns to offer a helping hand, the offer is naturally rejected. This leads to courtroom antics and the natural tears that are manipulated to follow.

Jenny Slate turns in a strong supporting turn as Romantic Female Interest #TA4356. The lead female falls for Captain America and shows interest in the good Captain’s ward. But, this isn’t a movie about bedding the local schoolteacher. It’s about Captain America and small child bonding over a dead relative. Well, that and a one-eyed cat. Fred is the true star of this movie. Hell, I want that cat to be an Avenger now.


  • PG-13
  • 1 hr and 41 mins
  • 20th Century Fox


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