“Gibby” is a wonderful tale about one girl and her monkey. Taking advantage of her science teacher’s capuchin monkey pet, our heroine returns to real life. This includes a sudden interest in gymnastics which is a semi Olympics tie-in? From there, the film has no idea what it wants to be. Is it a funny monkey movie, girls sports movie or suburban comedy? Pick one and work it.

Well, that didn’t help. The movie tries to create a suburban world where monkeys are mischief makers that scare the hell out of local moms, but delight kids. The gymnastics almost feels like a means to explain away a found location. Still, it’s got a monkey that may or may not be funky. Everyone learns something about themselves, as the monkey works as a Christ figure for our heroine’s family. Is Christ figure monkey actually appropriate? The monkey plays dead once and is quickly resurrected. But, it’s not like Jesus was a tiny furball wearing a chef’s hat and cooking for his masters.


  • Featurettes
  • Commentary
  • Trailer
  • Blooper Reel
  • Music Video


  • 1.78:1 standard definition transfer
  • Dolby Digital 5.1


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