Getting Away from Extreme Blizzard Conditions to Natural Sunshine? Reconsider South Africa.

South Africa is a land full of amazing and diverse experiences that go far and beyond the just traditional safari excursion. Described as the ‘Adventure Capital of the World’, South Africa is very affordable and it offers victors with a unique natural beauty, world-class infrastructure and conveniences, great weather, a rich history with diverse experiences, amazing wildlife and adventure, and above all responsible tourism.
The Eastern Cape, South Africa for instance; it’s a place of rugged beauty with a pristine coastline, virgin bush and sub-tropical forests exist as though untouched by time. It’s the home of ‘Africa’s Big Five’ and South African surfing, and the birthplace of Nelson Mandela. It boasts many natural, historical and cultural attractions and activities. Regarded as South Africa’s ‘wild’ province, the Eastern Cape features expanses of untouched beach, bush and forest that yield a plethora of visitor activities and attractions.

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