sukiyaki western django br

Sukiyaki Western Django [Blu-ray review]

Famed Japanese auteur Takashi Miike, best known for cult classics "Audition", "Ichi the Killer" and "The City of Lost Souls", redefines the spaghetti Western with SUKIYAKI WESTERN DJANGO, an epic tale...

8.2 Great
the mad fox title

The Mad Fox [Blu-ray review]

In stark contrast to the monochrome naturalism of his earlier masterwork Bloody Spear at Mount Fuji, visionary master director Tomu Uchida took inspiration from Bunraku and kabuki theater for arguably...

8.5 Great
Ultraman X The Movie blu-ray

Ultraman X: Here He Comes Our Ultraman [Blu-ray review]

Ultraman X: Here He Comes Our Ultraman is the latest Ultraman movie. Much like beloved American properties from the 1960s, it has been effectively ran into the ground at this point. This time, a reali...

7.2 Good

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