Film Noir

Border Incident (1949) [Warner Archive Blu-ray review] 16 8.8 Great

Border Incident (1949) [Warner Archive Blu-ray review]

Among the wave of reality-inspired crime dramas emerging in the late 1940s, director Anthony Mann’s “Border Incident” stood out for its gripping depiction of migrant worker abuse and border corruption...

Dancing with Crime title 8.3 Great

Dancing with Crime (1947) / The Green Cockatoo (1940) [Blu-ray review]

Dancing with Crime and The Green Cockatoo get a double feature Blu-ray from Cohen Collection. While it’s fun to see young Richard Attenborough starring in early British Film Noir, I’m not ...

I wouldnt be in your shoes title 7.8 Good

I Wouldn’t Be In Your Shoes! (1948) [Warner Archive Blu-ray review]

I Wouldn’t Be In Your Shoes is a very short movie about a wife helping her husband with a bum murder rap. The film is more famous for being the start of Oscar winning producer Walter MirischR...

sudden fear title 8.2 Great

Sudden Fear (1952) [Cohen Collection essential DVD review]

Sudden Fear is one of those movies that was a big hit when it first hit theaters. Then, it fell out of favor with the mainstream over the next few decades. Kino and other outlets did their best to bri...

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