Babylon 4K title 9.8 Amazing

Babylon (2022) [4K UHD Steelbook review]

Babylon remains one of my favorite movies in recent memory. If that’s a problem for you, then mark your calendars for the eventual Ari Aster retrospective. I was told the ending of that was upse...

quiet days in clichy 4k title 9.4 Amazing

Quiet Days in Clichy (1970) [Blue Underground 4K UHD review]

Quiet Days in Clichy is a provocative and controversial movie that explores sensuality, sexuality, and taboos in a frank and raw way. Directed by Jens Jørgen Thorsen and released in 1970, the movie is...

The Tutor poster 7.3 Good

The Tutor (2023) [Movie review]

The Tutor confirms that all teenagers in turtlenecks are trying to harm you. But, Garrett Hedlund ignores that advice in pursuit of a $2500 daily paycheck. All he has to do is tutor a high school kid ...

Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin - The Complete First Season (2023) 20 7.2 Good

Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin – The Complete First Season (2023)

Pretty Little Liars: Original Sin has its complete first season debut on DVD. Seeing as how I didn’t follow this one on HBO Max, it’s pretty new to me. But, I know of the Freeform show. It...

Top Gun: Maverick (2022) [Blu-ray review] 22 9 Amazing

Top Gun: Maverick (2022) [Blu-ray review]

Top Gun: Maverick kicks off our Oscar Week with this repurposed Blu-ray review. Why? Well, because everything here has been so reworked that we’re just now getting everything into the proper hub...

the nun and the devil title 8.4 Great

The Nun and The Devil (1973) [Twilight Time Blu-ray review]

The Nun and The Devil is a 1973 Nunsploitation movie out of Italy. What did we think of the Twilight Time Blu-ray?

the fabelmans 4k 9.5 Amazing

The Fabelmans 4K UHD [review]

The Fabelmans 4K UHD looks amazing, but it's the movie that keeps stick in Troy's brain in this AndersonVision review.

frost title 8.5 Great

Frost (2022) [Blu-ray review]

Frost is a father-daughter story about long winter drives that go wrong. As the winter storms hit and my brain went to weird places, I found myself watching it a ton. Robert Frost and all that jazz A ...

night of the iguana title card 8.5 Great

The Night of the Iguana (1964) [Warner Archive Blu-ray review]

The Night of the Iguana is a mid 1960s film that is more of a cultural indicator of where the studio system was at the time. While the play keeps getting revived to discover something new, it remains ...

murder in a blue world title 8.7 Great

Murder in a Blue World (1973) [Blu-ray review]

Murder in a Blue World might be my favorite Cauldron Films release. Going into the movie blind, the pre-credits sequence hooked me. It was nothing but Sue Lyon watching the weirdest newscast possible ...

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