30 Rock The Complete Series blu-ray 7.8 Good

30 Rock: The Complete Series Blu-ray review

30 Rock continues that long line of NBC comedies that got better after their first season. Sure, Season 1 had fun moments with Isabella Rossellini and Paul Reubens, but it pales to the rest of the ser...

school for scoundrels title alastair sim's school for laughter blu-ray title 8 Great

Alastair Sim’s School for Laughs Blu-ray review

Alastair Sim’s School for Laughs is another killer Blu-ray release from Film Movement. But, I’m mainly talking about the film history aspect. The actual quality of the films are a mixed ba...

bad boys for life poster

Bad Boys for Life: Matt reviews the ScreenX experience

Bad Boys for Life brought up something that’s been nagging me since last month. Basically, it’s a lingering thought after I walked out of my first ScreenX experience (the perfectly enjoyab...

corvette summer title 7.8 Good

Corvette Summer: The Last Jedi Apprentice Prostitute [Review]

Corvette Summer is the film that Mark Hamill did immediately after A New Hope. It’s no Sarah T, but what is? When dealing with the movies that arrived in Episode IV’s aftermath, it’s...

Mo' Money / High School High 21 4.4 Poor

Mo’ Money / High School High

Richard Clark has just left the well-known Wellington Academy to teach at Marion Barry High School. Now, he will try to inspire the D-average students into making good grades and try to woo a fellow t...

incredible shrinking woman title 8.2 Great


THE INCREDIBLE SHRINKING WOMAN REVIEWED “The Incredible Shrinking Woman” always looked like it was shot under a coat of Vaseline. While I grew up watching the movie on HBO, I didn’t ...

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