Gamera vs. Zigra [Gamera Collection review]

The original hero in a half-shell returns! For the first time ever worldwide, all twelve tales of the adventures of everyone s favourite titanic terrapin are collected together in one deluxe Blu-ray boxset. This limited edition collectors set traces the decades-long evolution of Gamera, from the friend of all children in his more light-hearted earlier films, to the Guardian of the Universe in the groundbreaking 1990s reboot series, often hailed as three of the best kaiju films ever made.
Video - 8.7
Audio - 8.5
Movie - 8.3
Special Features - 9

Gamera vs. Zigra was the film that made Daiei Film go bankrupt. The Zigrans are aliens with tech powers that can create earthquakes. What follows is a standard Gamera adventure that I kept mistaking for two other movies that I watched in the Collection. Seriously, I stopped the movie multiple times to make sure I didn’t play the wrong thing.

Gamera vs. Zigra [Gamera Collection review] 2

Zigra suffers from one major flaw. It’s generic to the point of being distracting. While certain aspects of the characters are kitschy fun, this must have stunk for audiences back in the early 70s. Nobody wants to go see a popcorn film that feels like a retread. Yet, what else was Daiei supposed to do? You can only make so many new monsters.

Gamera vs. Zigra [Gamera Collection review] 4

The Gamera Collection rolls out with the same special feature spread. Trailers, featurettes, alternate credits and similar materials keep going. The A/V Quality pops a little stronger than in past releases. Honestly, I’d recommend picking up the Gamera Collection if you have the cash.

Gamera vs. Zigra is now available from August 18th

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