Gamera vs. Jiger [Gamera Collection review]

The original hero in a half-shell returns! For the first time ever worldwide, all twelve tales of the adventures of everyone s favourite titanic terrapin are collected together in one deluxe Blu-ray boxset. This limited edition collectors set traces the decades-long evolution of Gamera, from the friend of all children in his more light-hearted earlier films, to the Guardian of the Universe in the groundbreaking 1990s reboot series, often hailed as three of the best kaiju films ever made.
Video - 8.3
Audio - 8.3
Movie - 7.6
Special Features - 9

Gamera vs. Jiger is a cool monster fight movie. But, that’s all it is. The new villain monster has a unique design with the quills and everything. The question remains while watching the film. What am I supposed to make of a movie that plays like a sanitized episode of Inhumanoids?

gamera movie titles jiger

Jiger is the kind of Kaiju that inspires future artists, but not future filmmakers. The creature protects its young, fights and then dies. Past that, it has nothing going forward it other than looking cool. That doesn’t inspire anyone to make a better movie, but I can see its influence on the Kaiju in Pacific Rim.

Arrow brings Gamera vs. Jiger to the Gamera Collection. The special features follow the same formula as the past releases. The A/V Quality is pretty sharp, but looks like the same kind of cleanup for these older releases. Ultimately, monster movie fans should buy this stellar release.

Gamera vs. Jiger is available August 18th!

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