Director: David Ayer
Writer: David Ayer
Cast: Brad Pitt, Michael Pena, Logan Lerman, Shia LeBeouf, Jon Bernthal, Jason Isaacs
Studio: SONY

“Fury” is the kind of film that Peckinpah or Aldrich would’ve been proud to have in their filmography. We follow Logan Lerman as he leaves a desk job to take part in the last push into Berlin. The Nazis are on the run and Brad Pitt’s tank crew knows they are heading home soon. However, some seem unable to walk out of their Sherman Tank dubbed “Fury” and return to the real world. They share in religion and boozes crutches to overcome what they’ve done, but they make no apologies for their bravery. These men are warriors, but they know that time is a precious commodity that many soldiers don’t get.

World War II continues to serve as a fertile field for narratives. Brad Pitt has been here before, but this time the dark humor is barely there. Evoking memories of Hanks’ role in “Saving Private Ryan”, this is a leader of men that just wants to survive. If anything, the recent comparisons to “Das Boot” feel accurate. You never got the overwhelming sense of dread for the crew in “Saving Private Ryan”. For all intents and purposes, the Fury is stuck in a dirt road ready to die.

What is it about tank movies? That enclosed nature of men in confined vehicles of war presses them into sharing feelings about the violence ahead. Shia LeBeouf’s religious nut, Logan Lerman’s transplanted office worker and Michael Pena’s attempts to drink away his problems are all forced together, but they know that the Nazis have to be stopped. That overwhelming sense of obligation in the face of insurmountable odds just sits on your chest throughout the last third of the movie. While it won’t light up Awards season, it’s a man movie for a country that desperately needs to see more of them.

RELEASE DATE: 10/17/2014

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