“From a Whisper to a Scream” opens on Vincent Price telling the audience by the strange happenings in Oldfield, Tennessee. His poor niece is being executed for murdering a ton of people, but ol’ Vincent wants to share a story or two. The story builds to the final chapter which will be about Price, but it doesn’t matter. The compilation of regional tales makes it easy to become obsessed with the style rather than the framing device. After all, how much did you care about the framing in “Creepshow”?

Horror anthologies are always a mixed bag, but I enjoy them. The swamp cabin and the freak show stuff doesn’t do it for me. However, Cameron Mitchell kills it in the Civil War story. Tales about warriors that refuse to let the battle die just hit that fictional pleasure center in my brain. Tons of cult actors and amazing 80s makeup effects pleases me. If you enjoyed the film, I’d recommend checking it out the feature length doc in the special features almost immediately after finishing the main feature.

The Blu-Ray comes with new audio commentaries, featurettes, a new feature length documentary, still gallery, foreign trailer, TV spots and tons of related material. The A/V Quality is stunning. The 1080p transfer looks amazing compared to my old DVD copy. The same goes for the well defined DTS-HD 2.0 master audio stereo track. In the end, I’d recommend a purchase.

Release Date: 04/28/15

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