“Free the Nipple” is a satire and not a documentary. I was one of many that expected a documentary from how it was presented. Honestly, I support the political rhetoric behind the movement. Women should be free to go topless where they need and want. That being said, this country does suck when it comes to keeping the sexually deviant from assaulting everything presented in the open world. Smashing taboos is fun, but how does it work in a world where most of the taboos are gone.

Now, it’s more about training people to respect boundaries. Gender equality is a goal that’s closer to reality, but we’ve got to attack the issue from a full court press. Everyone wants to help, but there’s no solid answer that works across the board. The A/V Quality comes with a strong standard definition transfer and Dolby 5.1 track. The DVD comes with a trailer as the sole special feature.

Release Date: 6/9/15

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