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“Freak Show” is a moving movie about a kid trying to make this way at an ultra-conservative high school. The usual kid stereotypes are there to vie for attention and create drama. But, the gay kid with really old parents somehow hang together to make it all work. Alex Lawther was great in The Imitation Game and now he’s dominating as the lead in this James St. James YA adaptation. Annasophia Robb continues to shine in supporting roles as the hipster kid that wants to support the lead.

But, I feel like Abigail Breslin only got one note to play throughout the feature. Trudie Styler did her best with the material, but I still feel like a seasoned director could’ve mined more out of the source novel. That being said, even gay kids need teen movies targeting them. If mopey stalkerish white boys can get Paper Towns, then everyone else needs their one turn at bat. I just don’t get having the parents played so old.

It’s like Stan Lee got to cast anyone that had graduated from High School. Deep cut reference for the comic fans out there. If this sounds interesting, dig it. I have another Pride month movie coming up and I didn’t feel as good about that one.


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