Frantz Fanon: Black Skin, White Mask review

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Frantz Fanon is one of the biggest theorists about anti-colonial movements. For some reason, he never quite caught on with social justice warriors making graphics and infographics. I think it’s because he had no qualms about using violence to get European interests out of Africa. This documentary focuses on one of his earlier masterworks that would later form his grand ideology. Before he actually illegally entered the Algerian Battle for Independence, Fanon worked out several ideas about being a monoculture outsider.

Black Skin, White Mask highlights Fanon’s brief life in a unique way. You see Frantz work with several ideas about how a native people can gain their independence. Violence is the easy answer, but identity politics are what they are now. The French never took Fanon seriously, as they viewed him as an African native attempting to pass in proper French society. Little did they know the sheer concentrated rage he felt towards the colonizer culture.

For those expecting Killmonger, you might not get it here. Still, there is a ton to process.

Frantz Fanon


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