“Frank Serpico” narrates a documentary about his own life. If you’ve only seen the movie starring Al Pacino, this is the chance to go deeper. Modern New Yorkers and a few people involved in Serpico’s famous case make their thoughts known. All the while, we watch an 81 year old man make sense of the most famous moment in his life. Friends and fans claim that he suffers from PTSD, yet he doesn’t acknowledge it. All the while, you’ll wonder why cops like him don’t exist anymore.

This is probably the most straightforward documentary I’ve seen in awhile. Yet, I wanted more time with Serpico. He explains a lot of his life that has been covered before now. I wanted to delve into how he functions now. He has shared his thoughts on modern policing, but what does it mean to him to be a famous victim of police abuse? Given his age, I don’t feel like we’re going to get another chance to capture that information with a degree of accuracy. Time has a way of stealing legends from humanity. May Serpico’s story never be forgotten.


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The Plot Thus Far

In his own words, Frank Serpico tells the story of his one-man crusade for police reform in the NYPD during the early 1970s.

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