In Disney’s animated follow-up to the 1981 classic, Tod the fox and Copper the hound are up to their usual shenanigans when a trip to the county fair finds Copper joining a howling country-and-western dog band — and their friendship put to the test. Original music by Trisha Yearwood and other country stars adds to the fun in this family-themed comedy with an all-star voice cast that includes Reba McEntire, Patrick Swayze and Jeff Foxworthy.



Todd and Chopper are back as young kids, they are having their typical play dates, but Chopper is feeling a bit down since he doesn’t feel that he doesn’t have any special talents. After a failed attempt at trying to hunt, Chopper’s master leaves him home when he takes Chief to the fair for the howling and hunting contest. Todd takes Chopper to the fair anyways to cheer him up, and they end up meeting a stray dog singing group with wants Chopper to join due to his surprising pleasant voice. Todd gets left out, but the singer that got kicked out of the band because of Chopper, Dixie, she has a few tricks up her sleeve and wants back. Todd in the mean time just wants his best friend back.

The numerous songs about being best friends are platitudinous and sentimental, but you can’t deny that they’re happy. I’m quite aware that my opinion of the music is boosted somewhat because I’m fond of the characters they’re about, but on the other hand, is anyone who hasn’t seen and liked the original going to bother with the straight-to-DVD sequel? The characters are also well presented. Clichéd as they are, they’re well performed and likable.  While it’s easily more visually pleasing than the original, this one’s too….cartoony in comparison to the original. Even if the animation wasn’t perfect in the original, The characters were extremely detailed there. In this film, they seem to have just grabbed the characters, made them cartoony for the kids, and placed them in this non-stop thrill-ride.

The Blu-Ray comes with a collection of featurettes and music video about the movie. The A/V Quality is amazingly strong, but the sequel gets a tighter 1.78:1 transfer that shows its digital strength in the film’s original inception. The DTS-HD master audio track is really strong, quite a step-up from the original DVD release. If that wasn’t enough, you’ll get a DVD copy for the flick included in the package. In the end, I’d recommend a purchase only when bundled with the far superior original film.


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