Forbidden Zone is still my favorite musical.

“Forbidden Zone” arrives on DVD with a brand new special edition. Frequently Out of Print or belonging to other regions, MVD brings the goods to Region 1 for all American cult cinema fans. If you don’t know the plot, I’d recommend hitting up Wikipedia or IMBD. If you’re too lazy, I’ll break it down for you. A bizarre family lives in the ghetto above a portal to another dimension. This dimension is ruled over by Herve Villechaize, Susan Tyrell and a topless princess.

Danny Elfman and the Mystic Knights of the Oingo Boingo bring a soundtrack mixed with originals and tons of classic covers. You’ll hear Jazz standards and old timey mixes brought together with the passion of a Looney Tunes cartoon. Some younger viewers might find elements racist, but the material moves beyond that. It’s a timeless jaunt through the weird and avant garde. Just take the elements of the Hell outing with a grain of salt. Joe Spinell shows up around that time. That should make you happy.

The DVD comes with a commentary, documentary, booklet, both Black and White & Color versions of the film, outtakes, new intro and a trailer as the special features. Most of these special features were already on the Arrow UK and other foreign releases. Still, the transfer is stunning for standard definition. Plus, the DTS track really blows out moments like the Alphabet Song and Witch’s Egg. The DVD is a must buy.


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