“Flesh and Bullets” is a softcore take on “Strangers on a Train”. It’s also loaded with cameos from Robert Z’Dar, Cesar Romero, Yvonne DeCarlo and Aldo Ray. If you haven’t figured it out yet, it’s a pretty crazy flick. Over the last few weeks, Vinegar Syndrome has been turning me into a fan of Carlos Tobalina. Before these DVDs, I never heard of the guy.

In that sense, we need to support and study the bottom rung exploitation flicks. While most are skin heavy and skew towards porn, there’s that fine line that shows quality exploitation and pulp stories. Let the boobs bring you in, let the grindhouse story keep you entertained. Plus, I’m still trying to work out the Cornel Wilde cameo. This had to be have been his last film, if I still remember when he died correctly.

The DVD comes with the original trailer and the Wife Contract edit as the special features. Wife Contract is sourced from a VHS tape that seems to be the last copy left on Earth. The A/V Quality continues Vinegar Syndrome’s stunning work. The standard definition transfer is crisp and clean, but shows the film’s origins. Plus, the Dolby track is supportive. In the end, I’d recommend a purchase.

Release Date: 8/18/15

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