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Hello, sportsfans. It’s David A. Barrios and here comes another prime interview; this time with fitness expert and exercise icon Denise Austin. She was kind enough to talk to me for a few minutes last week. We discussed her influences, new projects and just hjow she’s able to keep herself in great shape.

AUSTIN: So, why don’t you tell me a bit about your website before we start? What exactly do you guys do?

David A. Barrios for AV: Our website tends to focus on many things in pop culture: Music, movies, video games, etc. We do reviews of movies, DVD and albums mostly and of course, we do interviews. So, let’s begin.

AUSTIN: Alright. Great.

DAB for AV: When was it that you decided to really go into the whole fitness and exercise field? How did you decide that you wanted to do that with yourself?

AUSTIN: Oh, well, I started years ago and when I was a teenager, growing up, I did gymnastics and competed international and got a full athletics scholarship to the University of Arizona for gymnastics. So, my beginning happened to be very sports related anyhow. And after I graduated and got my degree in Physical education and exercise physiology, I taught aerobics just when it was starting in 1981 in Los Angeles. So, it was kind of in me, through years of gymnastics training so that I could go to the next level and crate my own fitness routine and choreography is and beginning teaching everyone exercise. Then I met Jack Lalane, who was a pioneer in the exercise world.

DAB for AV: Of course. And well loved.

AUSTIN: Yes, sir. He’s 94 right now and in beautiful shape. And I got my first start on television because of him in 1981. Si I had my start in television long ago and I’ve kept it up ever since.

DAB for AV: How was he able to do that?

AUSTIN: Well, first of all, he had a television show in Los Angeles at the time, the year was 1981, that aired nationally. So, I was invited to a Presidential Council dinner because I was an athlete and I saw him from a distance, ran up to him and kind of made the most of the moment. And so I said, “Oh my gosh, I would love to be on your TV show. You’re my idol. My mom exercises with you. Etc”. And he said, “Sure,” while I went on saying, “I can rival with you doing push-ups and handstand pushups. Whatever. I just want to be a guess on your show. And he said, “Ok”. I called him when we got back to Los Angeles and he put me on the show with his wife, and I continued as their co-host for quite a while. And now I’ve had a television show for twenty three years.

DAB for AV: That show being, “Get fit with Denise Austin”, no?

AUSTIN: Yes, though I’m on hiatus from the show and focusing on my DVD line. Actually, I have two that are coming out next week, (December 16th, 2008). I’m really excited about them.

DAB for AV: Well, let’s talk about those. What makes these so special?

AUSTIN: Well, these are my 84th and 85th fitness DVD/videos that I’ve done in the last twenty two years.

DAB for AV: What does the first DVD go into?

AUSTIN: The first one is called, “Denise’s Daily Dozen,” and I’m really excited about it. It’s twelve minutes of exercise that you do every day. There’s a different focus everyday. And it’s kind of the minimum daily requirement. These are the exercises that I personally do everyday, also, just to keep fit and keep my body in shape.

DAB for AV: And the other DVD?

AUSTIN: That one is, “The Denise Austin Total Body Burn,” and that is two work outs in one. One of them is a dance workout video program to burn fat. The second one is a straight palates work out to flatten the tummy and get a nice tushie.

DAB for AV: My next question; I’ve heard you say that you only need to exercise for only thirty minutes a day. I’m quite surprised. How do you do this?

AUSTIN: Well, I really believe in eating health. 80 percent of the food that I eat is very healthy while 20 percent are just treats. Also, I don’t overeat but I make sure I have three daily meals. And I’ve stayed the same weight since I was married. To stay fit, I believe that if you exercise on at least thirty minutes on a strict regimen.

I’d like to thank Ms. Austin again for taking time to speak with us. I wish her the best with her two newest releases that came out earlier this week. I’ll be back tomorrow or on Monday with another interview.

So long, folks.

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