Fireworks (2017)

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Fireworks is like Sliding Doors, but with a teen girl. Add the Eastern animation into the mix and you’ve got a film that will annoy most over the age of 30. Most people that have trouble with the movie all state the same thing. It stalls and goes nowhere. While realistic teen romance never has a definitive end or beginning, it doesn’t make for great watching. Having seen a ton of the recent GKids stuff, I like that they are willing to experiment.

Anime in America doesn’t quite get the wiggle room to play around. There is still a faction of Americans that have a hard time accepting adults that watch animation. If you want to have fun, relay Brad Bird’s argument against calling animation ‘cartoons’ and watch their eyes glaze over. My rule of thumb is that if it doesn’t work in live-action, it will seem stupid in animation.

Hyper-focus on the fantastic will make even the mundane seem foolish. Oh well, GKids still deserves a pat on the back for trying to make an Anime feature length romance. Just don’t be shocked when the fans don’t bring the Waifus.


Fireworks special features

  • Audio Interview With Director
  • Behind The Scenes With English Cast
  • Theatrical Trailers


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