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“Final Girl” is a film about a mysterious stranger raising a girl after her parents die. Over the next decade, she trains to take down some local creeps that are killing innocent women. If you want anymore back story, then go read a comic. This movie exists for one reason only. Abigail Breslin is a hot blonde that is going to make those preppie creeps pay.

Abigail Breslin does amazing work with a very thin script. The characters are inconsistent, too much time is wasted on building relationships with townies that never amount too much and Breslin’s character gains strength at bizarre times. I’m not expecting something like “Lucy” or “Taken”, but I want to see a solid plot. There’s something amazing under the surface of the film and I hope that first-time director Tyler Shields gets to keep working at it to find what he wants to say on film.

What hurts the film for me is the fact that not a lot happens. You get the girl taking revenge and eliminating the bad guys. However, their reasons for doing it and their weird cult killer history is paper thin. Throw in Wes Bentley slinking around the edges of the film and you’re left scratching your head. Not to mention the inability to make Breslin’s character seem that terribly well trained throughout the film. The Blu-Ray comes with a featurette, outtakes and a photo gallery with commentary as the special features. The A/V Quality sports a strong 1080p transfer and DTS-HD 5.1 master audio track.

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