FilmRise’s Top 5 New Blu-rays: March 2019 [Review]

FilmRise‘s Top 5 Blu-rays of March 2019

Vengeance: A Love Story

Vengeance is a Love Story. Nicolas Cage stars in what has to be the first action film adapted from a Joyce Carol Oates story. After a friend gets raped in front of her 12 year old daughter, Cage works to set right what has gone wrong. This means a lot of acting face and people getting stomped. What’s crazy is that I feel like I covered this film awhile ago, put can’t quite place it.

Vengeance: A Love Story hits Blu-ray on March 12th, 2019.

The Vault

The Vault has a really cool trailer that you’ll see in the intro. Honestly, I miss seeing James Franco in stuff. But, he did what he did in his private life and now has to pay. For now, Filmrise celebrates his 2017 bank robbery movie. What does the evil Bank Manager keep hidden in the basement vault? Only two sisterly bank robbers can find out. Tremendous acting and premise for a rather short movie.

The Vault hits Blu-ray on March 26th, 2019.

The Greasy Strangler

The Greasy Strangler was one of those Drafthouse Films releases that got a lot of cult buzz. But, that was back when Drafthouse Films could release a movie that got the Internet excited. But, what about Neon asks the Texas contingent? Well, that’s what happens when you go after bigger movies and start leaving the truly deep cut fare to the other houses.

Still, the idea of a Disco Walking tour leading to a murderous and slimy encounter? It’s almost enough to make up for the fact that Miami Connection has been ruined by the newbies.

The Greasy Strangler hits Blu-ray on March 12th, 2019.

The Miseducation of Cameron Post

The Miseducation of Cameron Post was a film that the Reddit contingent of the readership kept bugging me about a few months back. It played for a hot minute at the local arthouse, then disappeared to the seedier spots of Watch it for the Plot. Then I got to hear from the fans that didn’t enjoy the adaptation, as the source novel was quite better.

Eventually, time sped up to this point where I finally got to watch the film. While I enjoy the hell out of Moretz and Sasha Lane, the film felt like it should’ve been made in the 1990s. What “But, I’m A Cheerleader” parodied and made better is sold here in a super earnest fashion.

It will connect for some, but I’m not the target audience. Life After Flash Miseducation Filmrise

Life After Flash

Life After Flash should have blown my hair back. While it really impressed me, there were a lot of questions that never got answered. As a kid, I was a super huge Flash Gordon fan. I didn’t even realize that the WGN version was cut until college. Forgive me, people. This was a time when the Internet was still AOL dominated and people didn’t get super into nerd things. That brings me to this documentary.

What I see in this film is an attempt for Sam Jones to explain what has come of his life, but through a nostalgic filter. No hard questions are answered, but everyone makes time to remember how much they loved Flash Gordon. Did I enjoy the film? Sure.

However, I spent all of my time wanting to something more. That being said, I have plans to watch it again soon.

Life After Flash arrives on Blu-ray on March 26th, 2019.

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