Film at Lincoln Center sets the date for New York 1962-1964

New York 1962

Film at Lincoln Center sets the date for New York 1962-1964. The Underground and Experimental Cinema starts playing July 29th through August 4th.

New York 1962
Flaming Creatures (Courtesy: The Film-Makers’ Coop); Scorpio Rising (Courtesy: Canyon Cinema); and Tootsies in Autumn (Courtesy: Anthology Film Archives)

The films serving as part of New York 1962 – 1964

New York 1962 Program 1: Filmmakers’ Showcase

  • Filmmakers’ Showcase
  • Jerry
  • Divinations
  • Notebook
  • Fleming Edition

Program 2: Avant-Garde Animation

  • Shoot the Moon
  • Pat’s Birthday

Program 3: Dorsky, Meyer, Markopoulos

  • Ingreen
  • Shades and Diamonds

Program 4: Screen Tests and Blow Job

  • Screen Tests
  • Blow Job

This program is full of the experimental Warhol films from this period. Should be fascinating stuff.

Program 5: Blonde Cobra and Flaming Creatures

  • Blonde Cobra
  • Flaming Creatures

Program 6: Normal Love

  • Normal Love

Program 7: Film and Performance

  • Happenings: One
  • Meat Joy
  • Chumlum
  • Christmas on Earth

Program 8: Merce Cunningham and The Brig

  • Merce Cunningham
  • The Brig

Program 9: Eye and Ear Control

  • The Last Clean Shirt
  • Peggy’s Blue Skylight
  • New York Eye and Ear Control

Program 10: Meet the Kuchar Brothers

  • Tootsies in Autumn
  • A Town called Tempest
  • Lovers of Eternity

Program 11: Hallelujah the Hills

  • Hallelujah the Hills

Program 12: The Cool World

There are more films than this in the New York 1962 – 1964 presentation, but I wanted to include the highlights.

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