I'm old enough to remember this movie getting a lackluster response when it first hit theaters.

Nerds really dig this movie.

“The Fifth Element” is getting a release in the second wave of SONY’s Supreme Cinema Series. Those older Home Theater enthusiasts will remember the last time that SONY tried such an endeavor with the Superbit DVDs. While Superbit produced amazing releases with maxed out bitrates, transfers and some of the best DTS tracks on DVD…they often omitted all of the special features. Luckily, SONY learned from the past and we get a fully maxed out Blu-Ray with stunning A/V Quality and full special features.

Whether it’s HBO, SONY or other studios, there seems to be an effort to go after the A/V obsessed with these maxed out releases. While many don’t have Dolby Atmos capable receivers, their units can downplay the mix into Dolby TrueHD 7.1 master audio tracks. Whether it’s the Space Opera singer, Korben meeting Leeloo or the space action…everything is immense on this audio track. The 1080p transfer is stunning, but SONY has only released one version of Fifth Element that didn’t look amazing. Quick note: that version was recalled.

This is normally where I talk about the film, but who here hasn’t seen the film already? If you’re reading this, you want to know if it’s worth the upgrade or finally buying it on Blu-Ray. Honestly, the special features are continued ports, so that’s not the reason to grab it. If you want a reason why Digital HD sucks, why watching movies on your iPad sucks and you want to go big…this is the reason. Stunning 1080p transfer, one of the best Dolby TrueHD 7.1 tracks of the year and a generally impressive package. I’d recommend a purchase.


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