“Felt” is a movie about rape. It’s an organic experience crafted by its leads into a narrative about something greater. Unfortunately, it has the depth of a Tumblr page managed by a passive aggressive personality. Rape culture is toxic, but so is stilted story creation. By robbing us of Amy’s life before the incident, we have no frame of reference for her descent. Her friends’ attempts to save her seem out of place and the casual viewer will just see her as a weirdo in masks gallivanting through the Woods.

Some critics have tried to read the dual identity motif as a slam against superhero culture. Others have claimed that it’s a film about penis envy. I feel that we’re getting half of a film about a serious subject. The content itself will be enough to get an easy pass from some less critical viewers. I ask to achieve more when handling these matters. But, I was never a fan of Interpretative Dance.

This isn’t Miranda July, but it’s worth your time for a single viewing. The DVD comes with no special features. The A/V Quality is on par with most indie flicks. The same goes for the average standard definition transfer. It’s worth a purchase for the curious.

Release Date: 9/1/15

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