February Indie DVD Review bonanza

Get Gone Indie DVD bonanza
Winter Flies Indie DVD review bonanza

Winter Flies

Winter Flies is a movie about two Czech teens going on a road trip. The kids want to escape their lives, but I’m not really sure why. Are their lives boring? Sure. But, it’s not like there is any pressing reason for them to bounce. The DVD comes with a bonus short film.

Moving Parts

Moving Parts is a look at human trafficking in the Caribbean. Well, a Chinese citizen gets transported to Trinidad and Tobago. Plus, there’s a bit about the power of art. There are a lot of lateral stories, but it’s another story about the dangers of trafficking. Take that for what you will.

Get Gone Indie DVD bonanza


Get Gone is a look at what happens when Internet hoax busters realize that some things are real. Typical cheap horror production that relies on horror veterans to help sell it to a wide market. The Cleopatra Entertainment DVD comes with a trailer and slideshow.

Piranhas Indie DVD movie


Piranhas is a follow-up from the writer that brought us Gomorrah. While it lacks the punch of that initial offering, it’s a fascinating look at the mob mythos in poor European environments. The DVD comes with featurettes and interviews as the special features.


Give Me Liberty is about a young driver trying to get to a funeral. When his route gets disrupted by a protest, he learns about the people he’s shuttling around. Lolo Spencer kills as a young woman suffering from ALS. The DVD comes with Russian choir performances, a Q&A, featurette, image galleries and more!


Betty Davis: They Say I’m Different helped defined funk before it got super mainstream. She married Miles Davis and had input into Bitches Brew. But, the documentary wisely focuses on her solo work and how she laid the groundwork for artists like Madonna and Prince to follow. The DVD comes with interviews as the special features.


The Turkey Bowl is a rather fun football movie about friends getting back together at Thanksgiving. While this outing tip-toes into the Indie DVD Bonanza, I still find that it’s a true indie movie. More than anything, it feels like a fun throwback to a simpler time. The DVD comes with a commentary and deleted scenes.


The Merger is about a former pro athlete making friends with a young filmmaker. The duo bounces back and forth, as they deal with refugees and the desire to learn more about each other. The DVD comes with no special features, but I found this family friendly tale to be a real heart warmer.


Complicity is a true Indie DVD. It’s an independent international tale about treading morality and criminality to make a better life for a young Chinese immigrant. It feels a little bit like Bresson on times, but never fully commits. The DVD comes with a bonus short film.

Mrs. Lowry & Son

Mrs. Lowry & Son is a fascinating look at the life of artist L.S. Lowry and his depressed mother. The two influence each other’s life. But, it seems like they can’t ever break away from the other. The DVD comes with no special features.

The Indie DVD Bonanza has concluded for February.

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