Glacier Films has gone into production on the Sci-Fi Thriller The Tank in Columbus, Ohio.   The film will be shot on location at The Ohio State University and at Big River Studios in Granville, Ohio.

This is Glacier’s third feature of their five picture slate with producer Steven Schneider of Paranormal Activity and Insidious fame. The Tank was written and will be directed by Kellie Madison and stars Jack Davenport, Brad William Henke, and Marguerite Moreau. In addition to Steven Schneider, the film’s producers include Tove Christensen, Gevond Andreasyan, Sarik Andreasyan, and Vladimir Poliakov. Hayden Christensen is Executive Producer. The film is slated for a 2015 release.

Also starring in The Tank are Erik King, Christopher Redman, Jack Coleman, and Christopher McDonald.

LOGLINE–On April 26, 2012, six individuals place themselves inside an Isolated Confined Environment in an attempt to simulate an extended space mission to Mars. Unfortunately, their mission does not go as planned, and the result is a catastrophic failure.

The Tank is being distributed by Open Road Films. The film is represented by Paradigm Talent Agency.


Glacier Films is a full service film production and finance company with offices in Los Angeles, Toronto, and Moscow. For additional information, go to

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