FANDOR: February Programming Highlights

FANDOR: February Programming Highlights 3




Available on Fandor: February 6
Director: Miguel Gomes   


Acclaimed director Miguel Gomes returns with a sumptuous, eccentric two-part tale centered on Aurora, shown first as an impulsive, cantankerous elderly woman in present-day Lisbon. When Aurora is hospitalized, she sends her neighbor, Pilar, to pass word of her grave condition to Gian Luca, a man of which no one has ever heard her speak. Pilar’s quest to fulfill her friend’s wish transports us to Africa fifty years earlier, before the start of the Portuguese Colonial War. We see Aurora again, this time as the smoldering wife of a wealthy young farmer, involved in a forbidden love affair with Gian Luca, her husband’s best friend. Their moving, poetic tale is conveyed through the older Gian Luca’s suave voiceover, combined with the lush, melodious sounds of its heady, tropical setting, peppered with a soundtrack of Phil Spector songs.



Available on Fandor: February 14
Director: Matteo Garrone  

From acclaimed director Matteo Garrone, Reality is a darkly comic look at Luciano, a charming and affable fishmonger whose unexpected and sudden obsession with being a contestant on the reality show “Big Brother” leads him down a rabbit hole of skewed perceptions and paranoia. So overcome by his dream of being on reality TV, Luciano’s own reality begins to spiral out of control, making for one of the most compelling tragicomic character studies since Scorsese’s The King of Comedy.






Available on Fandor: February 21
Director: Jay Rosenblatt   


“The death of my seven-year-old brother when I was nine remains a painful and haunting memory. My parents did not know how to cope with the loss of their child and the entire family experienced indescribable pain. Phantom Limb uses this personal story as a point of departure. Whether it is a loss through death or divorce, the stages of grieving are the same. Individuals often go through denial, anger, bargaining, depression and, ultimately, some kind of acceptance, in order to heal. The film is loosely structured according to these stages. Interspersed throughout this poetic documentary are interviews with a cemetery owner, a phantom limb patient and an author of a book about evidence for life after death. Phantom Limb reminds viewers that while grief is painful and isolating, it is a reminder to each of us that life is impermanent.”


Fandor Updates and Information: 

  • Award-winning independent producer and former San Francisco Film Society Executive Director Ted Hope will take the reins as Fandor’s CEO on January 30th.
  • With a nod to the upcoming Berlinale, Fandor will be featuring a special curated collection of German films, which will include everything from expressionist classics to contemporary masterworks. The Spotlight on German Cinema will debut on Fandor on Tuesday, February 4th.
  • On February 17th, the latest edition of Fandor’s series of curated playlists will be unveiled. Journey Into Film: This Is Your Brain On Drug Movies, curated by film writer Dennis Harvey, provides a short trip through a century of sky-high cinema.


About Fandor:
Fandor is the on-demand film source for people who love movies, offering a broad and carefully curated library of independent and international movies, easily accessed through search and discovery tools. Fandor’s subscription-based service allows audiences to watch unlimited movies wherever they are, on mobile devices, computers and TVs. Fandor was launched in 2011 with the goal of showcasing and supporting the world’s best filmmakers, and returns half its revenue to them. For more information, visit

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