FAN, THE (1982)

FAN, THE (1982) 1

The Fan is better than the other movies named The Fan.

“The Fan” is about a teenage girl’s obsession with a pop star. She’s German and this is an exploitation flick from the early 1980s, so this will only end up going one way. While the film has never been released in the United States, the film has picked up a bit of an underground following. Specifically when the chick freaks out and goes out of her way to make the pop singer pay with his life. Desiree Nosbusch is a revelation in the title role, but I wish she did more to capitalize on this film. She looks like a mix of Diane Lane and Phoebe Cates, so I could’ve seen her crossing over. The Blu-Ray comes with a freshly restored 1080p transfer, a new interview, production notes and a ton of previews.


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