The Fallout Vaporized Capsule Collection is Here!

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The Fallout Vaporized Capsule Collection is yours this holiday season!

Loot Crate is inviting you to step into the Wasteland with the Fallout® “Vaporized” Capsule Collection. This limited-edition collection is a series of exclusive Fallout Tees inspired by Vaporware that can only be purchased from Loot Crate.

Fallout Vaporize Capsule shirt

The “Vaporized” Fallout Capsule Collection includes four different designs exclusive to this collection. Designs include a Power Armor Plateau T-shirt, an Atom Drop T-shirt, Quantum Cola T-shirt and an NCR T-shirt.

Purchase a minimum of two T-shirts or buy all four to complete your wardrobe! This is a limited-edition, non-recurring series you can’t get anywhere else. Tees will ship to your Vault door starting in December 2020. Two shirts cost $40 plus shipping and handling. All four shirts are $80 plus shipping and handling.

The Fallout Vaporized Capsule Collection is Here! 3

Purchase your limited-edition Fallout Vaporized Capsule Collection Tees here:

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